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What is ChemTalent?

ChemTalent is the voice for all future talent working within the industry, from apprentices, to graduates, across every function that enables our companies to operate on a daily basis. This group aims to be a coveted platform to inspire, to debate and to transform the future of our industry. 

Who can join? 

All those working in the UK chemical industry who are at the start of their careers (around 10 years or less). We also invite those seeking a career in the industry and so university students, apprentices and those with a genuine interest are welcome to join.

Member benefits

Joining our ChemTalent will provide the opportunity to broaden your horizons and understanding of the chemical industry beyond just your own job, enable you to contribute to the industry’s policy and positions on key issues and allow you to be involved in building the reputation of the industry by being a key role model and by engaging with our stakeholders. 

Plus, joining offers a number of benefits:


ChemTalent Influencers

Within ChemTalent we also have our ChemTalent Influencers. Influencers will be responsible for mapping the direction of the group and the wider operations of ChemTalent, led by the Young Ambassador. Influencers will be key in discussing the industry's hot topics/key themes, as well as individual and group concerns. 

To apply to become a ChemTalent Influencer, please complete this short application form (T&Cs apply. Open to CIA Members only)

Membership is free!

It's time to shape the industry.....become a member now by completing this short form or email [email protected]   

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